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Eminem – Curtain Call 2 – (Roasted Artwork)

Eminem - Curtain Call 2 - Artwork Roasted BBQ Chicken Alert

The Cover of "CURTAIN CALL 2" Hides Messages …
Eminem, the American rapper, announced the release date of his upcoming album Curtain Call 2, and it quickly became the subject of social media memes. On Twitter, the 49-year-old rapper shared the album art as well as the release date of his upcoming album, and some viewers were not impressed. Eminem's new album "Curtain Call 2" will be a compilation of his greatest hits, following up on his 2005 album Curtain Call: The Hits. The Slim Shady singer is depicted wearing a devil's horn sign with his hands in the album art. Miniature versions of Eminem's previous album covers surround the frame.

Eminem will turn 50 this year, but one thing is sure: he is not gonna change 😂. The Detroit rapper hid a few small details flirting with the absurd on the cover of Curtain Call 2, his compilation due on August 5. There are hints from Music to Be Murdered By and The Marshall Mathers LP 2 on the cover, as well as the jet, featured on Suicide Bomber.

Subliminal Messages on Eminem's Cover

In the center, we can see the city of Detroit and drugs, which accompanied his universe during the second half of his career. The cover also includes four "scores," which reveal numbers that, at first glance, mean nothing. On the other hand, they take on their entire significance once returned because they each display many words. They are also definitely not the most mature 😋.

A closer look reveals the kind of childish jokes that have made the 49-year-old rapper a popular target for criticism in recent years. When you turn the cover upside down, the numbers reveal crude calculator jokes: "558008." becomes "BOOBSS." Wrap it all up in an awkwardly coloured, pinball-themed cover, and you've got today's Eminem-themed Twitter fodder.

We see: "asshole," "hellish," "he's ill," and "boobs", in that order. Finally, Eminem all spat 😂. This new component follows Curtain Call: The Hits, released in 2005, certified diamond disc in the United States. The project should bring together the greatest pieces of the second part of Eminem's career since Relapse in 2009. Some unreleased tracks should also be included, including "From The D 2 The LBC" in collaboration with Snoop Dogg.

The Fighter Pilot in Curtain Call 2
The fighter pilot represents the album Kamikaze, the buildings are from Eminem's native Detroit, and the devil horn symbol is associated with The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Other visual references implied callbacks to the likes of Music to be Murdered By, The Revival, and his collaboration with Royce da 5'9", Bad Meets Evil, and their EP Hell: The Sequel.
Final Thought
Eminem is the king of controversy; despite being roasted on social media, it looks like he enjoys this. Why would he be using such an album cover if he doesn't? Put simply, regardless of the memes and album design, fans are direly waiting for this album's release.

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Eminem - Curtain Call 2 Cover