Lil Yachty Michigan Boy Boat Front Cover

Lil Yachty – Michigan Boy Boat

There is no regional music scene that has flourished the past two years like Michigan rap. And there is no bigger fan of Michigan rap than Lil Yachty. During this period, Yachty has spent a disproportionate amount of time hanging out in the recording studios and gas station parking lots of Detroit and Flint, ingratiating himself amongst the state’s premier street rappers and doing as the locals do — acting playful and dead-serious at the same time, rapping loose on fast beats, forgoing hooks, and stringing together verses out of darkly funny one-liners. Yachty has become a staple of Michigan posse cuts, appearing on tracks like “Flintana” and “Run Down”; on “Royal Rumble,” from February, Flint bruiser RMC Mike proclaimed, “Me, Yachty, [Louie] Ray, [Krispy Life] Kidd, and Rio the Fab Five,” thus consecrating Lil Boat forever in Michigan lore.